Who we are...

Sales Creators

With over 20 years' of experience, we are experts at bringing products to market.  In short, we are in the business of demand creation.

Market Makers

By leveraging a vast network of industry contacts and knowledge we are able to quickly analyze your strategic position and identify key market opportunities.  With an understanding of the market dynamics, we can then implement a sales strategy that's best suited for your business.

Multi-National Aiders

We also help multi-national companies with business development in the US.  We can offer local market intelligence and sales channel development to confirm the market opportunity before committing valuable resources.


The company was founded by Anthony Uhrick,  an industry veteran with over 20 years' experience in business development roles for multi-national companies.  He has spent his career developing sales for startups, prominent technology companies and early market leaders such as Dynapro, 3M Touch Systems, Planar Systems, NextWindow, Smart Technologies and PQ Labs.

During this time, he has been responsible for the direction and execution of product strategy globally and for accelerating the expansion into developing and emerging market segments.

It is these relationships and experience that is leveraged in order to provide unique access and market development expertise.

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